Three Things Thursday – The New Edition

1. New Book – Borders close a couple months ago and I was rather devastated. I love to read and I have a slight addiction to buying books. Someday when I have a house it is going to have a library (and a totally awesome kitchen!). Books-a-Million recently opened up at the Mall in the old Borders store so I checked it out tonight. It was okay. You can tell they are still moving in and getting up and running. Personally I think Borders was way better, but hey, it’s a book store! I probably have a stack of books about 5 feet tall of books that are partially read, almost done with, or haven’t even started that I should get through first, but somehow there is always a better book out there that I want to read first. I picked up this book that I’m super excited to start reading!

2. New Toy – Last weekend I made some pretty awesome veggie chili in my parent’s crockpot. I’m pretty sure my parent’s got it as a wedding gift over 25 years ago, but it still works. However, my chili slightly overflowed all over the place (my dog was quite happy and a little gassy afterwards!). So today I went to Walmart (which I hate going to Walmart, the people there scare me) to buy a larger crockpot for $20. I came home with a $70 pressure cooker instead. The fact that it can steam vegetables and rice sold it to me!

3. New Pedals – Next weekend I’m heading down to Fit Werxs in Peabody to get a professional bike fitting to fit my current road bike plus find out what tri bike geometry will work best for my body and position. I’ve been wanting Speedplay pedals for awhile but just haven’t gotten around to purchasing them until last night. Since I plan on having them on my new tri bike when I get one, I want to be fitted to those pedals. I had the boys at Allspeed put them on for me and then I jetted off my SheJAMs spin class. I knew that clipping in was going to be different and a little harder, but I could not for the life of me clip into my bike! Talk about embarrassing! So I spun in sneakers. When I got home I put my bike into my trainer and managed to clip in several times. I did the same today. I guess it just takes a while to “break in.” I’m hoping to ride outside Sunday, but I’m a little afraid of falling over because I can’t clip in!
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