Base Training: Week Two

Today marks the end of week two of base training and I’m definitely a bit sore. The week started with the arrival of this little device!

The Garmin Edge 800 is pretty much the best invention ever! It took me a little while to figure out how to put on the speed/cadence sensor because the directions weren’t the clearest. The computer itself is rather easy to use. Both my HR monitor and speed/cadence sensor were detected as soon as I turned the device on. Since I’m riding my trainer I can turn the GPS off. All the data fields appear to be rather accurate, minus the morning it told me I gained 40 ft of elevation on the trainer. I guess I somehow rode onto the roof during the ride! But on a serious note, the device makes my workouts a lot easier, especially cadence workouts because the Garmin is way more accurate than my old computer. I can’t wait to get a powermeter to add that to the mix! Hopefully I will get that soon! The bad news that I found out this week is that Scott pushed the manufacturing date back a month for my tri bike so I won’t get it till March-ish. It’s not a huge deal, but I’d rather get it sooner than later so I can get comfortable on the bike before I hit the roads for the first time! I’m definitely very nervous about riding the road for the first time. I’ve never actually ridden a tri bike on the road. Anyone know of any big parking lots?
Mother Nature finally decided to make it winter in Maine. However, she totally messed with my training schedule. Core class was cancelled because of the forecast. I was suppose to go to the chiropractor to check my pelvis alignment and for some serious graston on my calves. She cancelled too because of the weather, but I go tomorrow. I decided not to go to bootcamp because of the roads were messy so I just did my own workout at home. Saturday I had a good workout with my trainer and later a 50 minute run with 6 x 20 sec hill sprints. I decided to run near my home on the side roads. I had a great half of the run with the hill sprints, but the last 2 miles home were rough. I chose to do a loop around my home which meant running 2 miles on pure ice! I think that’s why my glutes are pretty sore today. But good thing I had these babies on my shoes yesterday because I would have slid on my tushie down the hills!

Today was a 90 minute endurance ride followed by a 20 minute transition run. I was suppose to have a quick transition out the door but that didn’t happen! So “F”ing cold today! The run wasn’t super bad once we got moving, but when the wind picked up it was cold. I picked up a massage ball to help roll out those tough spots on my glutes and IT band. However, this little one seems to think all mommy’s toys are hers.

Weekly Totals:

Swim: 4200 yards
Bike: 63.66 miles (3:35 hrs)
Run: 12.12 miles
Strength: Core class (45 mins) + 1 hr session with my trainer + 30 min workout
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