Base Training: Week Three & Four (aka Slacker Roundup)

Ok, so I’ve been totally slacking on the whole blogging thing. I haven’t posted in 10 days! Yikes! However, this week was very hectic with work and my schedule got slightly off and I felt a little under the weather about mid-week.

Week 3 was mostly heart rate testing. I posted previously about my bike HR test and I did my run HR test on the Saturday in a blizzard that completely shut down Portland! Just kidding! BUT, it was snowing and there was about 2 inches of snow on the Eastern Trail where I had planned to run on so I ditched that idea and ran laps on Marginal Way. I’ve never seen traffic on Marginal Way before, but apparently it is a busy road, at least midday on a Saturday. There was also about an inch of snow of the side of the road so it made running anything fast hard. I attempted my 15 minutes of running with all I had, but it was rather hard to get up to speed without a) slipping on snow/ice, b) completely trashing my already messed up calves, and c) getting hit by a car. Before is my lovely HR test data/story! I am running the Cape Mid-Winter Classic 10 miles next Sunday so we are going to do my re-test during the race. It should be a fun time. I ran 7 miles of the course yesterday in the sunny 50 degree weather and had an awesome run! My calves have been super super tight lately and my chiropractor worked the crap out of them last Monday. I’ve been stretching extra and rolling my calves with my little massage ball and it has helped tremendously! I have absolutely NO problems with them yesterday! Yay! As Charlie Sheen would say “winning!”

Today was a busy day. I had 4 workouts (plus homework, grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, etc). I started my morning with a 1:20 trainer ride followed by a 15 min transition run on the treadmill. I got lectured earlier this week about having a low cadence so I’ve been really working on keeping my cadence around 90rpm. I know that I should be pedaling around 90-95rpm, but for some reason I prefer to grind heavy gears. I was actually lectured by two people this week about it so I think it’s a sign that I need to work on my bike skills! I’m really happy that I purchased the Garmin Edge 800 because I can easily track cadence on my rides!
This afternoon I decided I should probably register for my two “A” races before they sell out. Well, apparently one of them did. The women’s age group category was full in the Patriot’s Half. F@#K! That’s what I get for putting it off. I emailed my coach to let her know that the race was full and that I would now be doing Ironman 70.3 Mooseman on June 3rd. We had talked about it earlier when I was figuring out my race schedule, but I didn’t really want to do it because it has a crazy steep descending section on the bike course and I’m afraid I might piss my pants, especially since I should have my tri bike then! I plan on doing for training rides on some hilly terrain to get ready for this race. Anyone know of any scary steep descending roads in Maine I can ride?
Week 3 Totals:
Swim: 2200 yards + ~2000 meters (So. Po kicked me out early 🙁 )
Bike: 45.2 miles
Run: 7. miles
Strength: 45 min core + 1 bootcamp + 1 trainer workout
Week 4 Totals:
Swim: 6600 yards
Bike: 70.9
Run: 17 miles
Strength: 45 min core + 1 trainer workout
First race of 2012 is next Sunday! Wahoo!
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