Three Things Thursday

1. World Multisport Expo – I’m heading down Saturday to the Multisport Expo in Boston for the day. I went last year and had a blast. I’m very excited to see some of the seminars and also all the vendors. Mark Allen is the keynote speaker so I’m definitely interested in seeing his life philsophy, especially after reading Iron War. I’ll hopefully have a rap up of it next week! I plan on taking some notes!

2. Hungry for Change – If you haven’t watched this documentary yet then I HIGHLY suggest that you do. It’s very well made and available to watch for FREE online through March 31st. The documentary exposes many truths about the food industry that many people do not know about. There was a good section about sodas and all the sugar that you consume while drinking the soda. Even diet sodas that claim there is no sugar and.or zero calories will cause you to ultimately gain weight over time. Apparently, many people don’t understand that fact. To me, it’s commonsense. The movie refers to sugar as a drug. I would agree with that statement because as a society we are addicted to sugar and refined “crap.” No wonder the obesity rate in this country is about 30%! The movie stresses eating for health of mind, body, and soul. Just watch it!

3. Half Marathon – My first real race of the season is next Saturday! I’m running the Race the Runways Half Marathon. I’m definitely a bit nervous and excited. The last two distance running races that I have done, were done when I was sick. As long as I stay healthy leading up to the race then I’m pretty safe to say that I will PR (unless I get somehow manage to get myself lost on a airplane runway or fall and twist my ankle). I have a goal pace and as long as I stay physically and mentally ready and in shape then I think I can definitely hit it!

Anyone else heading down to Boston for the Expo?

Happy Training!
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