Pre-Race- Race the Runways

So, I’ve been on blogging hiatus this week. I needed to get some homework done and also took some time to do some thinking and reflecting. I deleted my facebook account for the week because it was causing too much negative energy for me and with my big race coming up TOMORROW, I decided to take a break and re-center myself. Race the Runways is tomorrow. I haven’t run a half-marathon since November 2010 when I ran my first one… while sick. Not a brilliant idea, but I managed to survive. Luckily, my friend ran with me as a “pacer.” Well, I’m not sure if I would consider her a pacer because my pace was pretty damn slow. I think her mother (my former run coach/amazing woman) told her to run with me so that I would finish. If she didn’t, I’m pretty sure I might be rotting in a ditch somewhere in York. Anyway, I’ve been pushing on the negative energy around me away and channeling my inner Mark Allen and ready to kick some butt tomorrow!

Did I mention that we got to hear Mark Allen talk about Iron War AND meet him at the Multisport Expo in Boston this past weekend?! It was exciting to say the least. I picked up his book (signed copy! Woo!) and I’m excited to read it (once I finish all the reading I have to do for classes and Thrive). I’ve very interested in the mental aspects of endurance training. It is something that I’m learning to develop as an athlete, especially now that my focus is on long course, with the possibility of Lake Placid on the schedule next year. I think being mentally tough and able to push yourself through the pain to perform to the best of your abilities on any given day is what really sets apart the serious competitive athlete from the recreational athlete. I’m currently able to push myself out of my comfort zones in training during swim and bike sessions and just recently while running. Now, I just need to do that during races and perhaps I’ll start to podium in my new age group.
Good luck to anyone racing this weekend!
Happy Training! 
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