Happy Birthday Reagan!

Today is Reagan’s birthday! She is four years old today! I actually don’t know when her real birthday is because she and her three siblings were rescued from a kill shelter in North Carolina. Her vet assigned her a birthday of May 1st and that is what is has been ever since I got her in October 2008. She is an Australian Shepard mix. The original vet down South who saw her and her siblings thought she was mixed with lab. Two of her siblings look very much like labs, but Reagan and her brother, Ollie, do not. Apparently, it is quite common that dogs can have multiple fathers to a litter. Yes, Reagan’s mom was a whore. Personally, I think she’s mixed with either Border collie or some kind of Spaniel. So in honor of her birthday, here are 10 random facts about my dog:

1.     When Reagan gets super excited or hyper she does what we refer as her low butt run, or LBR. Someday I will get a video of it because it’s very amusing. She runs either back and forth or in circle with her butt particularly on the ground with a crazed look on her face. She usually growls and/or barks at the same time. I have no idea why she does this, but it’s quite amusing.
It looks very similar to this dog…
2.     Reagan likes to think she is a bird dog, hence why I think she might be part Spaniel. She tries to run after all the bird on the ground and also swim after ducks in the lake. She came really close last summer in getting a duck.

3.     Reagan loves to swim. I wasn’t sure if she would like the water when I first got her, but she absolutely loves it. When she is wet, she looks like a completely new dog because she has so much hair!

4.     We have a large picture window in the living room that Reagan likes to look out. Whenever someone comes to the house we say “who’s here?” and she runs to the window to see who is home. We do this even when no one is at the house. She falls for it about 90% of the time.

5.     Reagan loves to chase the red dot from a laser pointer, like a cat.
6.     Through careful analysis we have determined the hierarchy of Reagan’s priorities. The laser point always wins even if there is a huge, juicy steak on the ground. Next, “who’s here” wins followed by food.

7.     Reagan likes to eat her toenail clippings after I clip them. This is disgusting, but also convenient because I don’t have to clean them up.

8.     Reagan chewed A LOT of things in her first year of life. Namely, the beautiful funeral flowers from my mom’s funeral, my swim workout book, a DVD, razors, or anything else she found on the ground that she assumed was hers.

9.     Reagan knows how to get comfortable! Her favorite spot is on the couch with her face smashed into a pillow or upside down on her back.

10.  Reagan refuses to go down in the basement or down steep wooden staircases. She is also afraid of bearded men who smoke. We think that she might have been abused before she got to the shelter. I hear one of her sisters is quite the timid and scared one.
Her first day home

Her first birthday

Where she spends most of time…
Happy Training!
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