A Quick Note

So the past week and a half has been a bit crazy! I’ve super behind on such things as blogging and laundry and with all my traveling and work schedule my nutrition has been off too! Yikes! But luckily, no weight gain and I purchased my first size 0 pants since middle school yesterday! Thanks J. Crew for making me feel good even though I know your pants aren’t a true size 0. My hip is feeling better, but is sore from being on my feet all day Sunday and then sitting in a car for 6 hours on Monday. I plan on having my race report from the Norway Tri up this week and my “race” report from Lake Placid too at some point.

But, anyway, here is the big news!

I am officially registered for Ironman Lake Placid on July 28, 2013! 🙂
~ Happy Training!
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One thought on “A Quick Note

  1. YAY! Soooo excited for you. Can't wait to read about all your hours of training (as I'll likely be in the same place the following year…. ) 🙂 Glad we got to hang over the weekend – see you at OOB!

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