Operation 6-Pack Week One



Today marks the end of the first week of Operation 6-Pack (aka O6P)!

On Monday I joined the gym. I chose a gym that I have been to 3 winters in the past 5 years. It’s relatively clean for a gym and smaller so much less people than other gyms in the area. It has most of the equipment that I need. Some of it could use an update and I would absolutely LOVE if they had TRX’s, but for the price I shouldn’t complain too much. The classes offered are also great and the personal trainer on staff is excellent.

I did a quick full body workout Monday night. I’ve been under a great deal of stress this week from work, school, and personal stuff so getting a good sweat it was very much needed. Tuesday was a rest day since I had a ton of homework that needed to get done. Since I’ve been under so much stress I probably only slept 20 hours this week. Wednesday was another unwanted 2am wake up call, but it allowed me to get to the gym early in the morning. I had a great workout! My plan was to hit the gym Friday morning also, but I actually ended up having a good night’s sleep and decided to sleep in.

So I hit the gym early this morning before running errands and homework. Saturday mornings appear to not be too busy. There are a couple of classes going on so most people do those leaving me the corner to hide out in for my workout. Although I did my running drills throughout the gym floor. An older gentlemen gave me a funny look for skipping around. What? I like skipping… 🙂

Here’s my workout for the day:

  1. Foam rolling
  2. Light stretching (including hip raises)
  3. Dynamic Warm-up
    1. Thoracic Rotational Mobility – 5 x 10sec
    2. Leg cradles – 6/side alternating between
    3. Lunge/Arms Straight up – Did walking lunges for around 20 yards
    4. Lunge/Elbow in/Hamstring stretch – 2/side
    5. Side lunge – 8/side
    6. Forward leg swings – 10/side
    7. Side leg swings – 10/side
  4. Running drills
    1. Running high knees – ~20 yards
    2. Running butt kicks – ~20 yards
    3. Skipping – ~20 yards
    4. Mini band walks
      1. Forward – ~20 yards
      2. Reverse – ~20 yards
      3. Side – ~20 yards/side
    5. Carioca – ~20 yards/side
  5. Power/Core/Shoulder Work (2 rounds)
    1. Box jumps – x8 jumps
    2. Medicine ball overhead slams – x8
    3. Medicine ball chest slams – x8
    4. Front plank (feet on “box” with elbows on stability ball) – 40 seconds
  6. Circuit #2 (2 rounds)
    1. Step ups w/ weight – x8/side
    2. Burpees w/push-ups – x5
    3. Rubber band around wrists, put forearms against wall & move up and down (not sure what these are called, but works the lats & shoulder) – x5
    4. Mountain climbers w/ twist & hands on “box” – x15/side
  7. Strength work (2 rounds)
    1. Split squats w/weights – x8/side
    2. Inverted rows – x10
    3. Stability ball hip lifts – x8
    4. Push-ups w/ one hand on balance pillow (switch hands per set) – x10


I was hoping to have some help from a trainer friend in developing a good strength training plan for the off-season, but that fell through a few weeks ago. I’ve been studying to take my personal training test so I know the principles of designing a proper program, but sometimes I get lost in the details and question myself. Much of the textbook discusses the more traditional approach to training. I believe there is a time and place for olympic lifts, etc., but my style is functional training. My goal isn’t to become a body builder. My goal is to create lean body mass and gain functional strength that will make me a more powerful athlete.

Last week I came across a great resource of functional strength exercise for triathletes. The workout above was adapted from that book and I plan on using this guide as a basis for my training. On Friday I am taking a drive down to MA to become certified in TRX training. I’m super excited! It’s something I’ve been wanting to do forever and now I finally have the time and money to do so. The TRX will be incorporated in my training regimen also.

Monday marks the beginning of Lululemon’s October Yoga Challenge! I’m excited and I plan on taking advantage as much of the free classes at the various studios as possible. This also means my Monday/Wednesday/Friday plans might get a little shifted around. This week will probably be more like Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. But we’ll see what happens. It really depends if I finish my Health Policy paper tomorrow or not. Speaking of that… perhaps I should get back to that!

~Happy Training!




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