Inner Strength

I did something kind of impulsive on Saturday. I am NOT an impulsive type either. I like plans. Hell, I had a binder with my life plan in it in college. However, that plan is now completely out the window. I think I’m probably on plan XYZ by now. I’m slowly learning to be more sporadic…

Anyway, I got a tattoo! I knew I was going to get one after Ironman (well, that’s if I actually finish the race), but I never thought I would want another one. But last Sunday when I was running the trails with Reagan at Twin Brooks it just came to me.

Hmm… looks like I need a pedicure…

Overall, I’m very happy with it. I was a bit afraid that I would wake up on Sunday and be like “OMG, what the heck did I just do!” But I don’t regret it because it does have meaning to me.

The true meaning of the tattoo is very personal and is not something that I plan on sharing on the interweb. But, I’ll give you a little idea. If you have been reading my blog for a little while now you can probably guess that I have been going through a bit of a rough patch. I’ve been VERY stressed lately with everything going on in my life. A large majority of my stress is self-induced (aka procrastinating writing my thesis paper). I’ve been dealing with an old scar that has reopened this past year and that’s really want prompted my decision to permanently write the word “strength” on my left foot. It’s there to remind me that people will criticize you, people will judge you, and perhaps try to tear you down, but no matter what happens if you are strong then you can whether the pain and become a stronger and wiser person in the end.

This says it all

Everyone goes through tough times in life. You can’t be happy all the time. As Forrest Gump said “shit happens.” I think it’s what you do and make of the tough times in life that truly defines a person. I’m very much a person who thinks the glass is half full. If you have the perseverance to get through even the toughest things in life, such as losing a loved one or a job, then you are a fighter. I think you can get far in life if you fight for the things that you believe in. I have ambitious dreams and I plan on fighting for them until they become my reality. With a little strength and persistence I believe that I will get there. I just need to remind myself that I do have that inner strength.

In other words, I have finished my health policy paper and final for my Healthcare Policy class so now I actually have some time to blog! Yippee! I’m so behind on some posts that I’ve been wanting to write so stay tuned! 🙂

~ Happy Training!


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    • Hehe, my tattoo artist designed it. I really like it. You’ll probably totally appreciate the fact that I had about 3 people spell check the stencil before he started actually tattooing. My worst fear was that it would be spelled wrong! And then I would have to cut my foot off! 🙂

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