Flannel Sheets How I Love Thee… Or Not

Fall is my favorite season. I love the change of weather, change of leaves, and flannel sheets. Well, I actually love just about anything flannel. Thank you J. Crew for finally making a women’s cut flannel shirt and making it “cool” to wear. Although, it really doesn’t matter because I would still wear a flannel shirt. I do live in Maine.

A couple of weeks ago I dug my Eddie Bauer Flannel Sheets out of my closet, dusted them off, washed them and put them on my bed and haven’t left since. Okay, maybe I have left my bed, but that’s the problem I have with my flannel sheets. I have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning! My bed is nice and cozy and warm so why the heck would I want to get out of bed where it’s cold and dark?! It really makes getting an early AM workout or working on my thesis paper hard to do. I know, first world problem here…

I think the time change is still messing with my internal time clock. I’ll be wide awake at 4:30-5am. I then usually get up to pee and then get back in bed and then fall back asleep. Every day this past week I have set my alarm to go off at 6am so I can get up and work on my thesis for an hour or so and then every time the alarm goes off I reset it for a later time. Bad habits are forming here. Not good for when Ironman training begins in January plus the addition of the Resolutionists at the gym will be even more added fun. However, I’ll be honest, the extra sleep has been nice since I’ve historically been a bad sleeper. It’s quite the change to get a solid 7-8 hours of sleep instead of tossing and turning for half the night!

Anyway, really not an exciting post. I promise I have a couple in the works. I start Crossfit next week. I’ve been very skeptical of Crossfit but I’m willing to get her a chance. And hopefully this week I will make it back to the pool!

Oh, how I wish!


~ Happy Training!



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2 thoughts on “Flannel Sheets How I Love Thee… Or Not

  1. Loving everything about this post! I’m a huge fan of flannel, and I have sheep flannel sheets from Eddie Bauer. Sadly, they don’t fit my new bed, but I’m looking forward to snuggling in them when I’m home for Thanksgiving. And I totally get you on the time change; I’ve been waking up around 5 a.m. every morning and waiting until 6 a.m. to actually get out of bed. The end of daylight savings time is messing me up!

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