Riding “Naked”


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My Garmin Edge 800 died on Friday night! 🙁 So I have been riding the trainer “naked” without any heart rate, speed, power, and cadence data and I hate it! I guess in a way it may be good just to ride by feel, but I NEED my data. It’s amazing how reliant we become of technology, especially in training. Last night I figured out how to turn the GPS off on my Forerunner so I could use it on the bike to get heart rate at least.

RIP Edge

RIP Edge

Of course, I realized my Garmin was dead Friday night and the Garmin Customer Service was closed all weekend so I couldn’t get any help. I will admit that I did call both Saturday and Sunday in case by chance someone might be there. Patience is not my virtue. I called Monday and the tech support guy walked me through some things to “try” to reset it. He thought it was a software problem and wanted me to upload the new software to my computer so my Garmin can connect to my computer. I told the guy that there was something wrong with the device because it would not recharge and did not work at all. So I gave up and called later and talked to a different guy. He had me do the same, but I was like “Dude, the Edge is DEAD. Like D.E.A.D!” I think he got the picture and told me to send mine in for a new one. I am extremely lucky that my Edge is still under warranty by like a hair. I purchased it last year on January 10th. I called on January 7th. WINNING. Now I just have to wait 10-14 days…

The new cockpit sans Garmin Edge...

The new cockpit sans Garmin Edge…

Anyway, the first week of Ironman training has gone pretty well, despite the fact my Edge is dead and I have no bike data. I’m sure I don’t even want to look at how bad my power data has gone down the dump either. My running legs are starting to return. The lungs, however, are still burning in the cold air when I run outside. I’ve had to change my days around a bit on my training plan due to working two jobs. Working 60 hours a week between three jobs is a bit crazy and definitely requires some good time management skills. Hopefully, I’ll be able to drop down to two job in the very near future. Crossing my fingers!

~ Happy Training!

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  1. I’ve become reliant on my Garmin too–can’t imagine doing an indoor trainer ride without heart-rate data! You know you’re a triathlete when … 🙂

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