Thursday night’s are generally my strength training nights at the gym. I have a long-standing workout date with my fellow trainer and who ever else may decide to brave my shenanigans. Last night’s workout was a quickie, but rather deadly. If you’re looking for something quick and effective than here you go!

Have a Quickie!


1. Bodyweight squat + isometric squat – 20 secs of as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) of squats + 10 sec hold of squat in bottom position x 8 rounds (no rest between – trust me you WILL feel the burn!)

2. Push-ups + isometric hold – 20 secs of AMRAP of push-ups + 10 sec hold in upper push-up position or low push-up position (essentially a high yoga plank or low yoga plank) x 4 rounds (no rest between)

3. Planks + side planks – 20 secs of plank + 10 sec side plank alternating sides each 10 sec (if you’re looking to make it harder place your feet on a balance pad or Bosu ball and/or lift your top leg during the side plank) x 8 rounds (no rest between)


4. Burpess + T-push-ups – 20 secs of AMRAP of burpess + 10 secs of AMRAP of T-push-ups x 4 rounds (no rest between)

To complete a T-push-up, go down into a push-up and as you come up then rotate left arm up to form a “T” and then return to center to complete another push-up and then come up and rotate your right arm up to form a “T.” See below video.

~ Happy Training!

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