The Perfect Jeans vs. The Perfect Man

Thursday was a sad day. I ripped my favorite pair of jeans. The inseam of my jeans ripped all because I have these damn things called Thunder Thighs. Grr.. Of course, I can’t like the cheap Old Navy jeans. I have to buy the expensive designer jeans from an Old Port boutique because those are what fit my thunder thighs and small waist.


This is actually the second pair this has happened too so I’m now on the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans. First all, I really hate shopping. Unless it’s for fitness and triathlon stuff…

I braved the crowds at the mall on Friday night to try on jeans. Yeah… I left emptied-handed. No bueno.


Then I realized that finding the perfect pair of jeans is almost as hard as finding the perfect man! You “shop” around trying to make it work with multiple guys trying to find the perfect fit. You want the one that’s going to make you feel comfortable like you’re wearing old comfy sweat pants, but one that also makes you feel and look beautiful. And then of course if you have short little legs like mine (and a pair of thunder thighs) then even the short or petite sized jeans are still too long! Oy! Can’t win in life.

So I’ve decided that searching for the perfect pair of jeans is as elusive as finding the perfect man! They are few and far between. But honestly, I’m not looking for perfect. Just someone (and a pair of jeans) that can put up with me (and my dog). That’s all I ask!

Story of my life...

Story of my life…


Anyway, training is going well. I’ve managed to complete a majority of my workouts each win. VICTORY! I completed my first FTP test of 2013. And, I don’t really want to talk about it. Major drop of wattage. Blah….

~ Happy Training!


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