Three Things Thursday – The Food Edition

Okay, so the next two weeks I might go MIA because of school work. My graduate courses run for 8 weeks at a time and I am currently taking two at a time, which means double the work (plus the whole work full-time, training, eat, sleep, etc thing). Of course, that means I have two projects due in two weeks. Yipee! But, here are three things that I intend to blog about after my classes are finished. The really exciting part about this summer… I am taking no classes! The last time I have had the entire summer without classes from the summer before I went to college and that was 2005. Yes, I’m an overachiever and that’s how I finished my undergrad early!

1. USDA to et Lindustry Self-Inspect Chicken – The USDA is going to allow poultry meat plants inspect their own meat. One USDA inspector will be at the end of a line inspecting 175 chickens per minute. Say what? Is that humanly possible? Somehow I don’t think anyone can inspect one chicken for signs of tumors, disease, and contaminants in one minute, let alone 175 chickens! Scary when you think about it! I guess Americans don’t seem to mind a littel Salmonella.

2. You are what you eat? – I highly suggest watching this 22 minute video about the food industry. It touches upon the above article on food inspectors and also the “pink slime.” Very interesting stuff and rather scary when you really start to think about it.

3. Is Sugar Toxic? – Another very interesting video to watch about sugar. I argee that sugar can be considered a drug. It’s addicting and I am totally addicted to it too! As Americans we are addicted to the stuff in many forms. I definitely plan on studying up and blogging about this because I believe it is a very important topic.

Happy Training!