Okay, so I’ve decided to enter this whole blogger world. I have several goals for this coming year, which I will get to in a moment, but I’m hoping this will help me be more accountable for my actions. Plus, I love reading other people’s blogs!

This past summer was my second season competing in triathlons and in retrospect it was a successful season. I did two triathlons and Peaks to Portland. I did the Pirate Tri for the second time in June and had a great race. Placed 3rd out of 18 in my age group! I was winning until mile one of the run when two girls in my age group went sprinting by me. Nothing is more frustrating then seeing two girls with 23 and 22 written on their right calves run by you! However, I had a strong run and finished the race strong, which was a huge accomplishment for me. I only chose to compete in two triathlons this year because I chose to do the Pumpkinman Half in September. Well, I guess I actually competed in another tri in August. Myself and a training partner decided to do a relay in the Kennebunk Olympic Tri. I was going to do the 25 mile bike while she did the swim and run. Mother Nature had a different plan for us! Welcome to hurricane season. The bike portion was canceled and the swim turned into only about 1/4 mile. I ended up swimming (in the hurricane) and she ran. Hey, it was an experience and I can now brag that I swam in the ocean during a hurricane! Peaks to Portland was in the end of July. I signed up for the race because a few of my training partners decided to race it so, of course, I had to too! I went into the race dreading it. I only swam the distance once and only swam in the ocean twice before the race. As soon as the ferry heading to Peaks Island left the dock I thought I was going to pee my pants I was so nervous. However, once the horn went off and I started swimming I felt better. But, I panicked again when I couldn’t find my kayaker! After about 5 minutes and wasting a lot of energy breast stroking I found her and was on my way. I finished in 1:12 and ended up loving it! I’d love to break an hour in 2012, but that might be pushing it.

Now, let’s talk about Pumpkinman! My original plan was to do a Half Ironman in 2012, but I decided why the hell not do it this year. I started telling people during the winter was going to do one and when I say I’m going to do something then I do. I did a lot of training this summer, some it was fun, some it was not. When race day approach I was nervous as heck. The swim start was delayed because of really bad fog. Once the gun went off and the swim started I felt better. However, the swim start was rough. Lots of kicking and “punches” thrown. I was a little slower than I was hoping for but I passed some women in the previous waves and also some of the slow men in the waves way before us (I was in the very last wave). The bike was uneventful. Lots of people with flats. I prayed I didn’t get one. By mile 40 I wanted off. I was having major glute issues and problems with my seat so I just wanted to be done. I have since gotten a new seat and it has made a world of difference! I finished the bike in about 3:10. I was hoping to finish under 3 hours. Coming into transition I was never more happy to get off my bike and run. The run was hilly and hotter than I expected. I was really hoping to have a better run than I did, but the run is always my weakest. I finished in 6:25 and under my goal of 6:30! I won my age group! I guess it’s always nice to be in the young age group where there is less people and less competition.

Since my race I have been laying low and nursing some injuries. I’ve been having glute/hip problems and the early stages of plantar fasciitis. Not fun! I’ve been seeing an amazing chiropractor who has definitely made a world of difference! I’ve also been doing a lot of hot yoga and strength training. In Januray I start working with my triathlon coach for the 2012 season! I’m super excited! Next post will be about my goals and tentative race schedule!  

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