Expired Gels, First Ride of the Season & Some Swimming

Yesterday was beautiful out and I was excited for a my 90 minute long run. I dressed and grabbed my fuel belt with water and gel and headed out the door. The first hour was suppose to be easy zone 1/2 and the last half hour a descend in pace. I hit the 45 minute mark and stopped to take my gel. As I was putting the gel in my mouth I realized that the gel was rather chunky. That’s not normal. I looked at it and it was discolored. Uh Oh. I check the expiration date. It expired 6 months ago. I had one yesterday on the bike too, but I felt okay. Perhaps, I’ll be okay today too? Confession: It was probably chunky because sometimes I have a tendency to wash my gels in the wash machine because I forget to take them out of my pockets if I don’t use them during a workout. Anyway, I started moving again and then it hit me. I puked in some stranger’s brushes. Awesome! I started moving again and then it happened again. After a few dry heaves, I was able to continue with my workout, but my tummy was never very happy bouncing my way home. Lesson learned, don’t eat expired gels!

Today I logged my first ride outside! It was sunny, in the 30s, and very, very windy! But, I was happy to outside and off the trainer! It was a bit of a rough start. I felt like I was learning to ride a bike all over again (no pun intended)! My legs were thinking “Oh My! Hills! What are these?” I rode out along Route 77 in Cape and Scarborough because the Cape Elizabeth pool was the only pool opened on this holiday and I needed to get my swim workout in. My goal was to ride out to Prout’s Neck and back, but the wind was brutal and I felt like I was riding into the wind. I rode a little pass Higgin’s Beach and then looped back with a pit stop at Higgins. So pretty! Today would have been a perfect day to have a powermeter. I was working hard, but I felt like I was going no where because of the wind. It was slow 15 miles, but I’ll take it! 🙂

I had a couple really good swims yesterday and today. Yesterday’s swim workout included 3 x 500s, which were suppose to be at a moderate pace, but the last two turned into more of a moderate-fast pace because I thought the pool was closing. It was really crowded when I first got there and then all the sudden everyone just left. I thought the pool was closing so I picked up the pace. When I done with my 500s I saw there was still 20 minutes left. Oops! I definitely felt it today during today’s workout, but it was a nice feeling. I missed the soreness from a kick ass swim workout! Today’s swim contained some fast 50s and 25s and some 400s. The fast, hard 25s hurt! My swim coach emailed me this article today: http://triathlon.competitor.com/2012/02/training/do-you-know-your-ape-index_48314. It’s an interesting read. I’m going to have to measure my ape index now!

My awesome self protrait abilities, HA!

First ride of 2012!

Higgins Beach 🙂


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