Three Things Thursday

1. Insomnia – I’ve dealt with chronic insomnia all my life. It sucks. My parents will tell you that I was a pain in the ass baby. I would sleep for a couple hours, wake up, cry, get fed, fall asleep while eating, sleep for another hour and repeat the cycle over and over again. Yea, I was a nightmare. In college my insomnia was so bad that I had to take sleeping pills some nights. I hated taking the pills because I always would get the side effects. Major dry, bad taste in the mouth in the morning. So NOT fun! My insomnia has gotten better over the years. Having a regular daily routine and minimum stress level has made a huge different. But, the biggest help is exercise. But, my insomnia has reared it’s ugly head recently. Lately, I’ve been super stressed with lots of things going on in my life. We just got a HUGE contract order for a product that is due in about 6 weeks so it’s go time at work! I also start two new classes for school in two weeks. I finish up with my current class tomorrow and I’ll receive an A, which makes me very, very happy! I need two more A’s this semester to make up for that one B+ on my transcript I got in Health Economics last semester. I’m still mad about that. Grr… I’ve done pretty well so far balancing everything in my life so I just need to continue to stay on top of everything. Life is one big balancing act.

2. Tri Bike – My new ride will be here on Monday! SO SO EXCITED! I wasn’t so sure if it was going to happen about a month ago when my car died and I had to pay almost 2k in car repairs. My budget is tight, so I wasn’t so sure I could swing it. But, I forgot to take into account that my road bike will be paid off next month and thus frees up money to pay for the new one! Yay! I was originally planning on getting the Scott Plasma 20, but Scott kept pushing the manufacturing date back several months. It’s not available in my size until April 2nd. I considered waiting until then, but it was getting really close to Mooseman and I want as much time as possible to get comfortable on the bike. So I decided on getting the Scott Plasma 10. I have only ridden a tri bike once, on a trainer, so it will be different. I’m definitely a little nervous on my first road ride with her. I’m thinking a big, empty parking lot will be a good first ride…

3. Iron War – I just started reading Iron War by Matt Fitzgerald and I absolutely love it! I’m about half way through it and every time I pick it up I don’t want to put it down! Both Dave Scott and Mark Allen are amazing athletes and not to mention have the mental toughness that I lack. I’m definitely inspired by the two men and hope to channel their inner toughness during my races this year! If you haven’t read it yet, go buy it!

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3 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. Was their any major differences between the two or were you getting a good deal? I know the 10 comes with DA while the 20 comes with Ultega components.

  2. Yes, the only real differences are the components. Same frame, and crappy wheel set. I have an extra set of Mavic's I think I'll use instead and someday I will be able to afford a nice pair of race wheels. I work for a shop so they are good to me!

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