My Birthday Gift Guide!

So my birthday is on Thursday and I’m going to be a quarter century old! Man, does time fly! Of course, I’m totally awesome and you all want to buy me a kick ass gift, right? So I figured I would give you my birthday Top 8 List.

1. A Horse!

2. Scott Plasma 10 (Well, I own it, but someone could pay for it?)
3. A Quarq Power meter (Don’t worry, I have the Garmin already!)
4. A tropical vacation!
5. A new car (perferably a Subaru)
6. Someone to pay off all my student loans 🙂
7. To find the perfect graduate degree program where I can either get my masters or PhD in both Exercise Physiology and Nutrition!
                                                                      8. A pair of Zipp wheels!

Ok, so I’m kidding. Although the above items would be nice, I’m not a materialistic person. I consider myself lucky that I have my health, a job, my education, and loving family and friends. All I want for my birthday is to enjoy the beautiful weather (did you hear it’s going to be 60 degrees?! And a full moon!) and to spend time with some lovely friends! Of course, if you do insist on getting me a gift. I really want a pony! 🙂

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