Operation Six-Pack

Yesterday I was able to run relatively pain-free for 4 miles. Those 4 miles were painstakingly slow, but I was able to run and I am happy. I needed those 4 miles. More than anyone realizes…

I hope that I can start building some miles up in the next few weeks. I’m still on the fence about the Maine Half next weekend. I might run a few miles, but it depends how I feel. I don’t want to jinx my poor little feeties now! If I can, I might register for another half marathon in November. But we’ll see…

In the mean time, I am going to begin Operation 6-pack. What is that you may ask? Well, I need to make some body composition changes before Ironman Lake Placid next year. I’m still carrying too much extra weight.

This week I plan to join the gym again. Mostly, I need to join the gym to have access to equipment I don’t have at home. My goal is three days a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I think I can do that. I was hoping to recruit someone to help set up a good strength training plan, but those plans fell through. I’m on my own, but it will be good practice for me to do it, since I’m studying to be a personal trainer too (okay, maybe I have done all the studying. I just need to man up and actually take the test). Got to practice what I preach I suppose! 🙂

The only disappointing part is I won’t be able to bring my TRX in with me and there is not one available to use at the gym. Something about liability, blah blah blah… Oh well. I still plan on doing classes at my new favorite fitness studio, Zuja Wellness. The KB/TRX and Tabata classes are top-notch and I love the challenge. I’m embarrassed how weak I have gotten over the past few months. My first class two weeks ago at Zuja left me sore for days! But that’s the feeling I so miss and love… it makes me feel alive…

I’ve decided to call this project “Operation 6-pack.” The goal is not necessarily to develop a 6-pack, although it would be pretty awesome if it happened. Who doesn’t want an amazing set of strong and defined ab muscles? Isn’t it what our society strives for? The goal really is to lose excess body fat and build strength that will make it perform faster and more efficiently next year in triathlon.

As of today, I weigh 125 lbs and have between 19-20% body fat, depending on method of measurement (scale and body fat calipers). My goal is to be about 16-17% body fat by Lake Placid next year. As far as the number on the scale, I have an ideal number, but honestly that isn’t as important.

I’ve decided that if I reach my goal by the end of December then I will buy myself the Garmin 910xt. I’m very much motivated by a goal so I know that having a treat for myself at the end will encourage me to keep moving forward to the ultimate goal. I know it will take some blood, sweat, tears, and early mornings, but I need something to focus on right now (other than school and work).

Here are some of my smaller goals to will help me get to the larger one:

+ To hold a plank for 3 minutes

+ To do 30 “real” push-ups in a row without any rest

+ To do at least 5 clap push-ups

+ To do at least 5 handstand push-ups

+ To do 10 pull-ups in a row without any rest

+ To do 10 chin-ups in a row without any rest

+ To do at least one yoga class a week

+ To keep a positive attitude and believe in myself

I plan to post some of my workouts and my progression here and also under the section entitled “Operation 6-pack.” And if I fail, I’m going to strive for this 6-pack below….

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2 thoughts on “Operation Six-Pack

  1. all that endurance training made me soft and I lost a lot of muscle over the season. My goal for the time being has been to bring the baby 4pack back I used to have 😉
    Right there with ya girl!!

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