Operation 6-Pack Week Two Recap

Last week I fell off the bandwagon a bit. Last Sunday I was suppose to run the Maine Half-marathon, but since I’ve been injured I decided I wouldn’t be racing it. However, I did decide that if the weather was nice I would run at least the first 5k. But, the weather was a stinky rainy day so I stayed in bed. All. Day. Long. I did absolutely nothing except sleep and watch stupid reality tv shows. I think I needed a day to be depressed about not being able to run a good race and plus I needed sleep. I only slept about 20 hours the week before so it was very much needed. However, I should have at least wrote my healthcare policy paper that was due on Wednesday instead of waiting till the last minute.

Yea… so, because I didn’t write that paper on Sunday I spent Monday and Tuesday doing that. Wednesday I jumped back on the bandwagon with an awesome hip and shoulder opening yoga class at Lila East End. I just LOVE that studio. I woke up early Thursday morning feeling slightly sore from the class the night before, but I hit the gym for a kick ass workout.

Friday I took a field trip down to Mass. for my TRX training class. It was pretty much an all day workout. 🙂 Saturday I had plans to play with my TRX outside, but then it poured buckets as soon as I got out of work. I was sore from the previous few days so a rest day was probably good. Sunday was a lovely 50 mile ride over Douglass Mountain. Overall, it wasn’t a bad week, but could be better.

Thursday’s Workout:

Dynamic Warm-up (Thoracic rotational mobility, leg cradles, lunge/arm straight up, push-up yoga, straight leg kicks, deep squat/hamstring, mini-band walks)

Running Drills (High knees, butt kicks, 80% sprints)

Power/Core/Shoulder Work (1-leg hop x5/leg, Y’s/T’s/W’s/L’s x 10, Side planks 30sec/side, “T” hold w/2lb weights 1min) – 2 rounds

Strength work

Tri-set#1 (Front squat x10, Dumbell bench press x12, core rollouts x8) – 2 rounds

Tri-set#2 (2-leg deadlift x8, chin-ups x5, foot-evaluted split squats x10) – 2 rounds

Conditioning Sets

Set #1 – 30sec on/10 sec rest (bodyweight speed squats, burpees, speed lunges, push-ups) – 2 rounds

Set#2 – 30 sec on/10 sec rest (medicine ball overhead slams, medicine ball chest slams, squat jumps, mountain climbers) – 2 rounds

Stretch/Foam Roll

~ Happy Training!

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