Operation 6-Pack Update

So week 3 and 4 of Operation 6-pack (O6P) has passed. Honestly, there is nothing really exciting to write about it because I’ve been slacking a bit. Bad, bad Katelyn. Last week was a bit of a struggle to finish all my school work before the end of the class since I decided to wait till the very last-minute to do all of it. Again, bad bad Katelyn. It’s funny. I did the same thing my last semester of undergrad too in 2008. It’s the homestretch and I can taste the end, but yet, I have absolutely no motivation to do any of it! I think part of my has already mentally moved on to the next thing. I have two months to finish my thesis. That should be sufficient, right? Eekk!

Anyway, a few of you had asked me to define what certain exercise are that I have previously posted about during my workouts and I will get to that soon. I just upgraded my wordpress so I can now have videos. Oooo… I’ll give you a video of a body blaster! (Let’s hope I don’t fall on my face! 😉 )

I’ve been doing a bit of running again! (Insert super happy face 😀 ) The miles are slow and short, but my foot is holding up pretty good. My chiropractor is quite happy with my progress and I don’t have to see her until the end of the month! Yes!

This weekend is supposed to be nice so I’m hoping to get out again on my road bike. I’ve been debating on selling her or not because I spent about 95% on my tri bike, but I’m pretty attached to my road bike. Scott completely sold out of her in my size in 2011 when I purchased her and I called just about every Scott dealer in New England looking for her. I FINALLY found her in Great Barrington, Mass. I’m pretty sure I told the woman on the phone that I loved her when she told they had her in stock in MY size. So, I drove almost to the NY border to get her. I love that bike, but she sits in my garage and is lonely. Hmmm… we’ll see what happens. I kind of want a cross bike now…

I’m hoping things will dry up from Sandy by this weekend so I can get a good TRX and Rip trainer workout in! I do my workouts outside because I have yet to figure out where to hang it inside, however, I can use my TRX at my new gym! 🙂 Happy happy joy joy!

I totally found an absolutely killer TRX workout I want to try.

We’ll see if I survive!

Next week will be a much better update as I get back into my routine. This weekend I’m going to sit down and write out a 4-week plan for myself because I need to start getting ready for Ironman base training that begins on January 1, 2013! 🙂


~ Happy Training!

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