First Ride of the Season!

Yesterday, Azul and I embarked on our first outside ride of 2013! I decided to drive out to Cape Elizabeth and ride out there instead of my house because the roads are much wider and cleaner than the little country roads out in the boonies where I live. I bundled up in all my winter riding clothes including my booties and headed up for Prout’s Neck. The high was right around the mid-40s with a lovely headwind of 21 mph. I was supposed to ride 1:50, but ended up cutting it short at 1:30 due to the fact my feet were getting cold (I later finished the day off with a 20 min spin on the trainer). Since I had severe frostbite 2 years old on my foot I have to be careful with my feet to ensure I get to keep all 10 little piggies I currently have. Last thing I need is for one of them to get lost at the market and become bacon…

Azul is ready for her first ride of 2013!

Azul is ready for her first ride of 2013!

I was surprisingly┬áconfident hoping on my bike and pedaling away into the sunset! Ha! I didn’t expect much from my first outside ride. I just wanted to get my bearings back before I start concentrating on power-specific workouts outside. I spent most of the time riding avoiding potholes and sandy shoulders. Actually the roads out in the area weren’t bad. However, the roads by my house right now are a death trap. Please send the street sweeper out soon!

A view looking across to Scarborough Beach from Prout's Neck

A view looking across to Scarborough Beach from Prout’s Neck

My ride was rather uneventful. Hills were tough. My heart rate was higher than it should be. My cadence was lower than average. There was lots of other cyclists out there. My transition run sucked. My legs wouldn’t turn over. They felt like lead. But gosh darn it, it felt great to be outside! Spring is here! ­čÖé

My ride by the numbers:


Temperature: 46 degrees

Average wind speed: 21 mph

Total miles: 22.22 miles

Average cadence: 76 rpm (suckerfest!)

Power VI: 1.21 (total embarrassment! My goal this year is to work on my perfect VI. Looks like I have a lot of work to do.)

Number of snot rockets: 27

Number of loogies spit: 12

Number of cyclists seen out on the road: 37

Number of cyclist seen out on the road without a helmet: 6 (and boy did I want to slap them across the face for that! Wear your helmet!!)

~ Happy Training!

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