Second Opinions

After work on Monday I saw my chiropractor for treatment on my hip and also a second opinion on the plantar fasciitis. I’ve been seeing Dr. Casey Ericson of The Wellness Solution for a year now and she treated my first bout of plantar fasciitis last fall. I was really hoping to get in to see her before I went to the podiatrist because I really respect her opinion and much prefer her method of treatment over the conventional treatments for plantar fasciitis. However, she was fully booked until Monday.

I’m super glad that I saw Casey. She gave me a MUCH better prognosis and gave me almost instant relief from some of the pain after her adjustments and Graston work. I swear this woman has magic hands! One thing that I love about Casey is her philosophy about treating the whole person and finding the root cause of the problem. The root cause of my plantar fasciitis is my right hip. The foot doctor, even though he is one of the best in the country, didn’t care about my hip. Casey was glad that I did see the foot doctor before seeing her because I was able to tell her that I had clean x-rays. That ruled out some potential problems there.

She spent a lot of time adjusting my foot, ankle, and hip. She also spent a great deal of time doing some graston work on my calves, Achilles, and foot. I highly suggest the graston technique if you have soft tissue problems and/or major tightness in your muscles! It seriously does wonders! Micheal Phelps swears by it too! 🙂

Here is what the website says about it:

Graston Technique® is an innovative, patented form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to effectively break down scar tissue and fascial restrictions. The technique utilizes specially designed stainless steel instruments to specifically detect and effectively treat areas exhibiting soft tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation.

Here’s a video of what Graston looks like

I have chronically tight calves (like most Americans) and graston has really helped break up the scar tissue and loosen them up for me. My chronically tight calves and my right hip being out of alignment is also probably the root cause of my plantar fasciitis according to Casey. I completely agree with her. After all, the hip, leg, and foot are all connected. If my right hip is out then my gait changes and then I walk/run “funny” on my foot causing potential problems, such as plantar fasciitis. She also thinks I have a mild case of Achilles tendonitiis, which would explain why my Achilles has been so tender and weak lately and why I had almost no strength during my “pull” of my pedal stroke on my ride on Saturday.

She told me that if we loosen everything up by next week (I see her again on Wednesday) then it is not up of the realm of possibility that I could still run my half marathon at the end of the month. I’m not 100% sure that I will. If anything, depending how I feel, I might just run a couple miles of it and DNF. But we’ll see. I don’t want to do anything stupid and really hurt myself more. I’ve been wearing my super sexy night splint boot while I sleep and will wear the custom orthotics, at least for a little bit. But, as Casey pointed out, the doctor molded my feet when they were injured and thus my foot will be “cast” in the wrong position in my shoes. I understand what she is saying. I’m not 100% sure if it will make a difference, but I am certainly not a fan of wearing orthotics.

Don’t you wish you could wear one of these to bed too?

So, I’m very happy that I might be able to run again soon! And hopefully ride my bike again soon too! I’m suppose to ride in the Dempsey Challenge in a few weeks with my bik shop, but I don’t think my Achilles is up to par for a very hilly 100 mile route. In the mean time, I will focus on Operation Six-Pack! 🙂

~ Happy Training!


Okay, I’m sure you’re all dying to know what the doctor said about my foot…

The X-rays were clean, but I do have some early signs of arthritis in my right ankle. Yipee! I was right about the plantar fasciitis. The pain on top of my foot and around the ankle is most likely due to the fact that I have been limping around for the past week. It makes sense, but I’m not 100% sold on the idea. We’ll see how I feel in a few weeks…

So, I get to wear a very sexy boot to bed at night. I’m sure my teddy bear will love it. I also get to spend $350 on custom orthotics. I don’t really want to go down the orthotics route, but if it makes me run pain-free then I will try it. As of right now, no running. It stinks because that’s really what I wanted to focus on this fall. I registered for the Maine Half a while ago, but will have to miss it. Hopefully, my foot will be better by November and I can run a couple late 5k races. I tried riding my bike on Saturday. My Achilles has been sore so riding didn’t really go well. I’ll take a break from riding for a few weeks until my Achilles is feeling stronger and I can actually have a pull to my pedal stroke.

That leaves me with swimming. Honestly, I was hoping to take a break from swimming. I’ve been a little sick of it lately. However, I’ll probably be jumping back into the pool soon (like maybe tomorrow). I’m going to try a Master’s group and see how I feel about it. It would definitely be good for me because I need to work on my technique again. It’s really gone to shit the past few months with all the open water swims I have been doing instead of pool work. I think it would also be good for me to swim with “real” swimmers so I can push myself to get to that next level (I know I will get my ass handed to me on a silver platter by a bunch of former Seals swimmers) and also learn how to do a real butterfly other than my half-ass pathetic attempt at the fly.

I also plan on lots of strength work. I’ve noticed I’ve gotten a bit weak and flabby in areas I don’t want to be. Now to find a gym…

The doctor paper mached my feet. Awesome!


~ Happy Training!

PS – I’m jealous of anyone who can still run. I don’t like being injured! Boo!


I’m broken. Okay, maybe I’m not broken, but my foot is. Actually, I don’t know if my foot is really broken broken, but I can’t run and thus I deem the foot broken. I won’t find out till Monday what is really wrong with it unless someone cancels their appointment and I can get in. Someone please cancel…

My Fall plans mainly consisted on work, school (which started today and will be one hell of a semester), and running. I am registered for one half marathon at the end of the month and was planning on doing one more in October. Currently, I’m not sure what my status on those races will be. Right now, not looking so good. Boo!

My right foot was starting to bother me a bit pre-Rev3. I could begin to feel the slight burning sensation underneath my heel that indicates the classic sign of Plantar Fasciitis. I had beginning stages of Plantar Fascitiis last Fall too and took most of the Fall off from running. Last week I started to get pain on the top of my foot around the big toe and little toe. Last time I checked my plantar fascia ligament was not on the top of my foot. My coach currently has a stress fracture in her foot. Of course now, I’m running around paranoid that my foot is broken too. I’ve never been much of a hypochondriac, but I’m pretty much borderline at the moment. I also have another reason to be paranoid too. Two winters ago I got 3rd degree frostbite on my big toe. It was almost to the extent that it was “bye bye big toe,” but my toe was a real champ and pulled through. By the way, severe frostbite is no joke. It was by far the most painful thing that I have ever felt. It’s no fun when your nerves thaw… My toe was x-rayed for bone and tissue damage during the whole debacle and got a clean bill of health. It should be fine now too, but the thought of infection still lingers in the back of my brain.

Anyway, I might not be able to run at the moment, but I have been doing a little yoga and strength training. One of my main focuses in the off-season will be lots of yoga and strength training to gain core strength and flexibility. I gave myself a good ass kicking on Sunday and succeeded to feel the burn in my legs all the way through yesterday! I miss that feeling!

I began practicing yoga last Fall after my hip injury. I am NOT a flexible person. My flexibility is actually rather pathetic. However, yoga has definitely helped me a lot with my flexibility, balance, and core strength. I did a lot of hot yoga over the fall and winter months, but barely any over the summer. I currently have a month-long pass for Lila Yoga in the East End that I purchased through MainelyMara. Purchasing punch passes and month-long unlimited passes at a discount through MainelyMara and LivingSocial is the only way I can afford yoga. Plus, it allows me to try different places in the area.

September is actually National Yoga Month! So put on those comfy yoga pants and hit the mat! 🙂


~ Happy Training!