Podcasts and Anxiety Attacks

Last Thursday was March 28th. Meaning that in exactly 4 months I will be doing Ironman Lake Placid! Yikes!

We are currently building a huge order for one of our contract companies at the moment, which means that I have been labelling thousands of little bottles. The job is rather mindless and can get boring real quick. One of the ways that I make it pass faster is by listening to podcasts. Through reading Caratunk Girl’s blog I found some new favorite podcasts. Vinnie Tortorich, or the Angriest Trainer, is the bomb! Seriously, the guy is hysterical and I love every single thing he says. I plan to write another post about this at another time, but seriously, go listen to him! Although, he does like to drop the F-bomb a lot so if you can’t handle his explicit awesomeness then you might not want to listen.

Another podcast that I got recently turned onto is Garden Variety Tri. The podcast is done by Jon from New Orleans who is an Ironman plant-based triathlete. He talks about a lot of great topics that are extremely relevant to triathletes. This past Thursday I was sitting at my workstation labelling my 4,001stĀ bottle (actually I don’t know what number I’m on, but it was a lot!) listening to Jon’s podcast on his race report of Ironman Louisville entitled “Honesty and Ironman.” I figured it would be a good one to listen to since I’m training for an Ironman. Basically Jon said that you have to respect Ironman. If you don’t then it can chew you up and spit you out. While listening to his podcast it hit me like a ton of bricks. Today was March 28th. It was exactly 4 months from the day that I would be swimming, biking, and running 140.6 miles in under 17 hours! HOLY SHIT! It sent me into a minor anxiety attack. Luckily I didn’t start hyperventilating, but I did start to rock back-and-forth in my chair. When I have minor anxiety attacks I tend to either rock back-and-forth or pace. I’m weird, I know.


I’ve been a bit on edge with my training lately. I had a good week last week, but I’m getting really nervous about Ironman. I’m beginning to doubt myself and I know that the thought of not finishing an Ironman is really getting to me. I got 4 months to get my shit together!

~ Happy Training!