Single Sport Coaching Options

Don’t swim, bike, and run? That’s okay because I offer coaching in single sport as well! Are you a runner or cyclist looking to reach the next level in your training? Consider my coaching options below:

Customized Training Plans

Premier Single Sport Package – $100/month

** Minimum 4 month commitment

** Athletes are required to have a Garmin/GPS + heart rate device and encouraged to have a power meter for cycling training (but not required) to ensure the best quality training plan is provided to the athlete based on their current and developing fitness.

Package Includes:

– Detailed initial athlete questionnaire to better understand you as an individual athlete, your past training experience, your current goals and life circumstances

– Initial in-person, phone or skype call to get to know you better and discuss your athlete questionnaire

– In-depth discussion of potential race schedule

– Annual training plan (ATP) construction

– Individualized and detailed training plan developed in two-week blocks via online training log

– Customized workouts based on heart rate (running and/or cycling) and/or power metrics (cycling)

– Periodic threshold testing in your sport to determine your current fitness levels and to determine appropriate pace, heart rate and/or power zones

– Strength training plan to develop and improve strength, endurance, and power

– Counseling in training and race-day nutrition

– Pre- and post- race phone call and/or email to discuss race results and experience in-depth

– Unlimited phone, text, and email support

– Weekly monitoring and analyzing of training data files to ensure workouts are being completed, to help improve fitness and performance, and to prevent possible overtraining and injuries

– Schedule modifications as needed

Pre-Built Plans

Note: I strongly encourage athletes to choose the customized, individualized coaching plans offered above because I believe they are the most effective plans to help you reach your goals faster and stronger. However, not everyone can afford coaching and thus pre-built customized plans are a good alternative.

12-Week Plans Pre-Built Training Plans – $75

– Available for:

** 5k, 10k, Half-Marathon, or Marathon (running)

** Century Rides (cycling)

A 12-week plan will adequately prepare you for your goal race by improving your overall fitness through building endurance, strength, power, and speed via the scientifically sound periodization method.

What my pre-built plans include:

– A structured, periodized plan to get you ready for your goal race

– Each workout will include heart rate zones/power zones/rate of perceived effort

– Handout on how to conduct a heart test/power test and email support to determine zones

– Details on warm-up and main set for each workout

– Suggested strength training

– Suggested training, pre- and post- workout and race nutrition

– Most workouts (depending on the race distance) will not exceed 90 minutes during the weeks and range from 2-4 hours on the weekend

Please contact me below through the “Contact Me” box if you have any additional questions or would like to hire me as your coach.

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